Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brush Marker Flowers

This is one of the cards I'm making for the Dare to get Dirty Challenges

I couldn't find a flower stamp that I liked in my stash, so I drew one myself...
easy's how:

 Step one:                                                                                                                                                           mark where you want the base of the flowers to be with pencil ( ...make it very light you'll erase it later)

Step two:
with a light green brush marker...I used pear pizzaz by Stampin' Up
hold the brush horizontal to the paper , touch it down  the whole length of the brush
and flick it up..lifting as you do...try it on scrap paper a few times till ya get the feel of it.

step three:
using a shade darker marker add more leaves right over the light ones
....make them shorter and angle them a little more.
with the other end ...the writer end....   make stems, three or four..
.make them different lengths.

step four:
choose two flower colors... I used rose red and pretty in pink...
at the end of each stem, make a dot with the darker color...
this is the flower center,so make it whatever size you want .
now you're ready to make a petal...
place the tip of the brush next to the dot you just made ...
press the brush down...wha-la, press it down just a little and you've got a tiny petal...
press it down it's whole length and you get a bigger petal!
Add as many petals around your center as you want.
don't try turning your wrist... turn the paper... it's easier and looks better!

step five:
grab the lighter green marker and make a leaf...
 same technique as the petals ..except place the tip of the brush
away from the stem and press back toward the stem.

step six:
stamp your greeting along the same visual line as the base of the leaves

step seven:

I like to scatter little dots around the flowers...but you don't have to...
then using a ruller draw lines around your card
and...your done!

I hope you give this a try.

Here's pictures of the other cards I've made for the challenges:

whew....I'm on a roll!    LOL

till next time,


  1. I love the cards! You make the brushes look so easy to use!

  2. Wow! Love the flower you drew! Better than a stamp and your other cards are so cute!

  3. Wow, you've been on a roll! Glen must be starving! LoL! Your cards look great!

  4. I loved seeing your cards. You are doing a great job with your blog.

  5. Lovely clean and simple card on the first one-great job on the flower art!! Your other cards are great too!

  6. Love this technique!!! Great explanations!!!