Monday, August 6, 2012

37 Cards

Yep, I finished the Dare to get Dirty Challenges over on Slpitcoast Stampers.
WHEW! Thirty seven cards in one week is a bit much...But here are the rest of them...
hope you see something you like.

I think that's it...who brain is totally fried!
It's going to take me another week just to clean up the mess i've made in my craft room!

till next time,


  1. These are amazing!!! I am very proud of you!!!!

  2. Gorgeous cards!!! I just love your style to make cards, they are beautifully simple, and on the AI "nap"-card -your coloring is awesome! Huge job what you have done.. thirdy seven cards -wow! Well done!!

  3. wow, Doni, 37 cards in a week, so many cute one's too, I love the one with the envelope full of hearts it's just too stinkin cute and what a simple idea with a heart punch, so clever.

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