Sunday, November 25, 2012


I love thes beautiful birds!

Still working on Christmas Cards...Here's todays:
I made this Cardinal from the Stampin UP  bird punch.
Here's how:
Punch the bird & wing out of red, chalk around the edges with black.
Punch another bird and wing out of red
cut out a tail point , shade with chalk, glue onto original bird.
from the wing cut out the point and shade with chalk and add to head.
Punch a bird out of orange
cut out beak part and glue it onto the orginal bird
Punch another bird out of black....
with pencil  ( I only used white so you could see it better)
draw the cardinal black part ( lol...OK what would you call it?!)
 and glue onto the original bird....don't forget to cut off the beak part first.
I added a tiny black bead for his eye
Thanks for stopping by
Till next time,


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