Friday, May 17, 2013

Rainbow Fish
Rainbow Fish is the title of a childrens book I remember reading over and over
again to my grandchildren when they were very little.
It stuck in my head because in the illustrations,
 the fish was made out of beautiful glittery shiny paper .
So...when todays Mix-Ability challenge at SplitcoastStampers was
"Glitter under Glass" my brain skipped right over to glitter under water and the memory of rainbow fish.
This is what I came up with:
Believe me, in real life this card glitters big time!
I stamped the fish on white cardstock ...( I borrowed and stamped this fish quite awhile ago and don't remember who makes this stamp...sorry!)
I sponged a little distressed ink ( Broken Glass) and then with Stampin up markers drew
what is supposed to look like seaweed and added this really neat
 glitter that looks like slivers of green glass.
The fish  is colored with copics...B04, YG03, Y00, y13, Y18, YR68
Then I went crazy with the colored glitter !
The addition of some dew drops as bubbles and a
Get Well sentiment by Smooches finishes the card.
Oh yes, I used a 3/4" circle punch across the top to " chomp" waves,
thus also qualifying this card for the Free For All SplitcoastStampers challenge.
Thanks for Looking!
till next time,


  1. Gorgeous card Doni-How cute is that little fishy ? I love him-and what a great idea to use the punch to make waves :)
    Have a great weekend,
    Nessa xx

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