Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Papertrey Christmas Houses

I'm totally in the Christmas mood!
Making these cute little Christmas Houses did the trick.
and here's a green one:
They're  4 1/2"long x  3 1/2"wide x 5 1/2"high,
just the right size to lift off the roof and tuck in a
treat bag full of special Christmas cookies!
Hats off to my friend Denna, who first introduced me to these houses.
And Hats off to Kittie Caracciolo from whose blog I totally tried to copy
the wonderful houses she made a few years ago.
You can check out one of  her houses HERE
If you want to make your own Houses look HERE
Thanks for stopping by today.
till next time,


  1. Your houses are both gorgeous! They are lots of work but so much fun. Thank you for linking my blog. I appreciate it so much.

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