Friday, November 14, 2014

Chainmail ornament

Look at the fantastic chainmail ornament my daughter Jennifer is making this year:
She has the complete instructions on her Blog.
You can check it out HERE!
I'm totally intimidated....I think I'll stick to my paper!
Thanks for looking!
'till next time,


  1. This is beautiful!! Now I want to make one. lol But it looks pretty complicated.

  2. Beautiful! You have a very talented daughter she must take after her Mom. I love the card you made on June19,2014 it was Maude. I love the sentiment could you please tell me who makes it? Thank you and keep those beautiful cards coming.

    1. Thank You for the kind words. Maude is a "golden oldies" stamp (#UMM1249) from Art Impressions.
      The sentiment I used on that card were my own words printed with the computer.

    2. Thank you so much. I love your work and am glad that I found you. Have a great day! I am now keeping up with you via email. Thanks again for sharing!

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