Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hi! With school starting can the fall craft fairs be far behind?
I've signed up for two shows .... so I thought I'd better get some stuff made.
I have made these houses before (see them HERE)
They were lots of work but still lots of fun and they make great gifts!
So...I made three more...
Here's a back view:
...and the roof lifts off so you can stash a small surprise inside.
Cookies or candy would be nice. In the ones I gave away, I tucked in three hand knit washcloths.
The fences are new this year. My friend Diana cut them on her silhouette
and my daughter Jennifer showed me how to put them on a larger base so that they
stand out away from the houses.  I love a team effort!
Thanks for stopping by,
'till next time,