Saturday, March 4, 2017


The word Doodle is close to my heart.
I'm known as donidoodle on Splitcoast Stampers,
so I was really excited when Bhavara chose Doodle as her CODEWORD.

Here's the card I made:

 It's hard to see, but the white panel is raised a little bit , here's a closer look:

and I kept the inside really simple:
Card recipe:
W plus 9 -doodle Buds
Simon Says Stamp- sketchy banner greetings
Zig Milennium pen- 05
Doodlebug 6x6 paper pad-Hello Sunshine
copic markers: YR04, YR01, Y00, Y02, RV06, YG05, YG07

There She Goes- sentimental birthday

I hope this inspires you to join our challenge and 
be in the running to win  a
Gift Card for 15 from Create a Smile Stamps.

'till next time,


  1. Such a sweet card, Doni! I love how you doodled around the border, and your wavy sentiment banner is so fun!

  2. I just love these cards. Perfect way to use this stamp!

  3. Beautiful cards! The flower is gorgeous and the doodled border sets it off perfectly.

  4. Wonderful card, love the Doodle flower stamp set and your design is so pretty.

  5. Doni, I love the pink with the fabulous panel - and the fact that you cut around the flower so it is off the edge. gorgeous card

  6. very sweet and beautiful card.. Loved it!!

  7. Your card is stunning! I really like the doodle flower :)


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