Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Mail

Today I'm playing along with
this week's CAS(E) this sketch.

Here's what I came up with:
Here's the sketch:
I used a lot of different stamps.
The cute little bear (whose name is Harry, by the way!) is from Stampingbella,
so are the words happy mail.
The small "sending"I found on a Hero Arts stamp called Joy Stamp & Cut.
The little bit larger envelope is from Simon Says Stamp-Sending happy thoughts stamp set.
The smallest envelope and the tiniest heart is from Technique Tuesday-random act of kindness set.
The larger heart is from Paper Smooches- spring fling. 

As always, I colored with Copic Markers.
That reminds me of a little tip I'd like to share, yesterday I was refilling my R29 (lipstick red)
marker and dripped red all over the sides of the marker....just call me sloppy!....
and of course all over my hands.
Anyhow, it wouldn't wash off the outside of the marker and it looked terrible.
But I tried using Mr Clean's Magic Eraser and it worked like a charm! YEA!
Thanks for stopping by,
'till next time,


  1. Super cute take on the sketch!

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