Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Time for another challenge at Less is More.

Here's the card I made:

 and a closer look so thatyou can see that it really does shimmer.

Here's what all I used:
2 shades of gray card stock 
black card stock
 Prima stencil (bloom by Jamie Dougherty)
Nuvo Embellishment mousse ( silver)
texture paste
micro fine glitter - silver - by Elizabeth Craft Designs
Cherry Lynn Designs die
Wink of Stella- black
My Favorite Things- sweet stack labels Die-namics
Silver embossing powder
Stamp from Happy Little Stampers (mix mash) 

now I  have to go put it all away...ugh!

'till next time, Doni


  1. Fabulous card ! What a beautiful shimmering and textured background for this black leaf die cut ! A great design too ! Thanks for sharing and playing along with us at Less is More !

  2. I love the black/grey/silver combo, it's so classy. Great use of paste, glitter and wink of stella for your shimmer elements.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Less is More, Anita x

  3. A super classy and elegant design, perfect for the occasion and loving the added texture and shimmer Doni. Great work and thanks for playing along at Less is More.


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