Saturday, June 10, 2017


Hi !
Time for a new code word from Addicted To Clean and Simple.
Here's the card I made:
 So, here's the story:
I was up late making this card ( of course, late for me is anything after 9 p.m. !! )
I wanted to make the inside design while I had all the stuff on my desk, so I did.
this is what I made:
Did ya notice that the card is horizontal 
and the inside is vertical!! well, DUH!

So, I made a card front that was vertical ....and I actually like it better.

Then, of course, I had to make another inside for the first card.

It all turned out good, because I ended up with two complete cards.

Hope you can find time to play along with us.

'till next time,


  1. Fabulous card, Doni and i like the black background !

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog - I am so happy to be joining you as GD this week :) Your cards are gorgeous - I love the subtle shading on the glasses and how beautifully they pop against the black background.I love the inside too - such a nice to surprise for the recipient when they open the card.

  3. Such a great card Doni love your take on the codeword.

  4. Doni, thank you for making me laugh. I can honestly say I have never made a horizontal outside and inside vertical. yeah.. right... Ive also put the front elements on upside down, too!!!! I LOVE both of your versions. The horizontal one allows you to get more of those fabulous glasses on - the vertical allows the two to pop. LOVE them both - and the inside, too

  5. I love the shading on your glasses, Doni. And good for you for turning an oops into a two-fer.

  6. Well, I love both cards, Doni! Beautiful blending with your inks on the wine glasses and your masking on the inside of the card looks amazing with the sentiment! Great job playing with this set :)

  7. I love your first card, and the colours on the wine glass is just perfect :)


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