Thursday, July 13, 2017

Blue Foot


I just got the cutest new stamp from Impression Obsession.
This is the Blue Footed Boobie Bird and yes, there is an actual bird named that!

I'm entering this in a joint challenge between 


Man, these girls really know how to torture a person!
One layer  with a colored cardbase! 
Totally not in my comfort zone!

So, little Miss Boobie Bird is stamped on a Kraft Cardbase
and colored with Prisma Color Pencils.
The Yippee! came from a stamp set 
called Monsters Ink by Technique Tuesday.
I'm making this card for a friend who is taking the three day 
Bar Exam. I figure she'll feel like this when she's done!

'till next time,


  1. Great bird, what a cute stamp, and a great card. your coloring is fantastic.

  2. He's fun - love those blue feet! Great use of that white pencil to add highlights. Thanks for playing at AAA Cards.

  3. Such a fun image for this fab card - perfect for the LIM/AAA challenges


  4. CUTE card!!. Yes, there is such a thing as Blue Footed Boobie...I've seen while on one of the Galapagos Islands.

  5. So fun and cute, Doni. I can see why you bought this stamp. Great pencil colouring. It made me smile. Thank you for joining us at Less is More in collaboration with AAA Cards.

  6. Ha ha ha...this guy just makes me laugh. Terrific card!

  7. Gosh, that is too cute. Love it. Hugz

  8. Love this bird, love your coloring and LOVE your card!!!!

  9. I spotted this fun card in the gallery at LIM and just HAD to come over for a closer look. It is hilarious - I love that stamp, I had no idea there was a stamp of a blue footed booby!

  10. He is adorable! Great one layer card. Thanks for playing at AAA Cards.

  11. Oh he sure did make me smile. Such a fun and beautiful card. Thank you for sharing with us at AAA Cards.

  12. That's a wonderful card and the image is just fantastic! Such fun. Love the quirkiness of it and your colouring is superb. Oh dear - didn't realise we are torturers, lol. So glad that you took up the challenge because you've made a brilliant card with it. Thanks so much for popping this in at Less is More xx


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