Saturday, September 30, 2017


Hi !
Time for a new code word from Addicted To Clean and Simple.
This code word sounds like it would be easy, but I've really 
had a hard time deciding which  stamp is my favorite!
I finally decided it is which ever stamp I happen to be using at the time! lol

This week I'm into Halloween, so I'm really liking this adorable Frankie
stamp from Hero Arts.

Here's the card I made with him:

I made the dots using the eraser end of new pencils as a stamp.
I used Distress Inks
Ripe Persimmon, Dusty Concord and Twisted Citron.

Thanks for stopping by.

'till next time,


  1. Boo to you too, Doni. Great Halloween card.

  2. Such a fun Halloween card, Doni! I love the polka dots in the background...So cute!

  3. FUN and perfect CAS card, Doni !!

  4. Donni, your monster is fabulous - he made me smile! You colored him just the right shade of green, too. Awesome halloween card!

  5. Can't go wrong with choose Frankie as you fav! Love it!

  6. Haha this "Frankie" is really cute and your card is perfect! :)

    Take care!


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