Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hi !
Time for a new code word from Addicted To Clean and Simple.
I have the honor of being the hostess this time and I chose the word - CAT.
Here's my card:

I had my daughter cut me a cat head stencil from some 
sticky back foil:
She loves her Silhouette!
Next I stuck it to some watercolor paper...
since it was foil I figured the water wouldn't
 hurt it and being stuck down the water wouldn't leak underneath it.
( I did think ahead and made sure I could remove it from the watercolor paper!) lol

Then I did a plain water wash on the cat head and then dropped some color
 and watched it cool! look what happened:
I had nothing to do with that!

Looks like a cat face to me... so, I was smart enough
to let well enough alone!

I hope this inspires you to play along with this challenge and maybe 
even get out the watercolors!
'till next time,



  1. Your stenciled kitty is just beautiful, Doni! I love how the watercolors blended and that you knew when to stop (not sure I could have pulled that off)! A really beautiful card and fabulous code word...Thank you!

  2. Love this technique...just a terrific card!

  3. I so enjoyed reading your post Doni - cracked me up. What an incredibly creative way to create this fabulous card. I love the way you curved the sentiment too. I just LOVE it.

  4. Very inventive, creative and inspirational card! Your soft watercoloring looks amazing and I love the curved sentiment. And that totally looks like a cat face to me too! Thanks for having me as guest designer at ATCAS!

  5. This was such a brilliant idea, Doni. The silhouette is a great shape and the colors flowed nicely into it. I love how the sentiment runs along the edge of the image.

  6. Your wonderful cat silhouette caught my eye immediately, Doni. One reason, of course, is that I love cats but the lovely watercolour effect and merging colours drew me in. I had to check out how you had achieved this effect. I can see why you decided to leave well enough alone and go with these results. They're subtle but so very, very beautiful. Well done!

  7. I love this card, the design is awesome :)

  8. This card is amazing at first glance and even better after reading your post, Doni! Love it!

  9. Wowsers! I'm inspired to try this as well Doni. It just looks so awesome. x C

  10. Such a great silhouette head. Loved your take on the codeword.

  11. Doni this was such a great challenge - and one close to my heart. I am obsessed with the watercolor image that you both worked to create. Gorgeous card


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