Saturday, March 31, 2018


Hi !
Time for a new code word from Addicted To Clean and Simple.
  Bobby is our hostess and she chose the word RAIN. 
Here's what that word inspired me to make:
I used Lawn Fawn's Simple Puffy Cloud Frames die
and cut four clouds which I layered together for added dimension.

I wanted nice big raindrops so I looked through
my word dies and found the center of the b in celebrate was perfect!

I cut lots of pretty raindrops from lots of pretty colors
and I also layer four drops together
 so that they were the same height as the cloud.
Then I added Wink of Stella (clear) to the raindrops for a little sparkle!

I can't wait to see what the code word inspires you to make!

'till next time,


  1. What a genius way to get those fabulous, sparkly raindrops, Doni. Love that sentiment. Perfect for this wonderful creation.

  2. How clever you are to hunt your stash for a makeshift raindrop die...and sparkly ones, too! Love it! Love your sweet card too, Doni!

  3. Wow...super creative way to make raindrops! Love it!

  4. Fabulous card, love the rainbow rain.
    Thank you for joining us at Simon says Stamp Wednesday Challenge

  5. What a great card. Rainbow raindrops are perfect!

  6. Awesome idea for the raindrops :) And your card is awesome as well :)


  7. I love that sentiment, Doni. Whose is it? It goes so perfectly with the rainbow of raindrops, cleverly cut from a word die.

    1. the sentiment is from Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps-look for rainbows

  8. Doni, I love your rainbow colored rain - and it is absolutely perfect with that fabulous sentiment. Wonderful CAS card


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