Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Another week has flown by and it´s challenge time again over at Little Red Wagon.
  Brenda is our hostess and challenges us
 to use something  reused/recycled on our cards.
Here's my card: 

The thing that I recycled was a little note card that a friend sent me.
The laser cut tree on the front was so pretty .
I reused the tree by putting the card front on to a blue A2 card base
and adding the die cut sentiment (Avery Elle with sympathy die).
Easy Peasy!

Thanks for stopping by.
'til next time,


  1. Brilliant, Doni! That was much to pretty to end up in the trash heap and even prettier with your design additions.

  2. Such a pretty card! I'm so glad you didn't let that tree go to waste! It's gorgeous!!

  3. This is lovely! You were so right to save this tree!

  4. Beautiful! Yep this is way too pretty to not recycle onto another card than now YOU can send to someone to enjoy! Great job my friend!

  5. Doni, i love to re-use things from cards i got too ! I can't keep all the cards i get, so I like to use things out of them before I throw them away. It would be a shame about the beautiful things. Your´s looks very pretty.


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