Friday, September 17, 2021

Stitched Flowers


Sorry it's been forever since I last posted...but here's what I worked on today:

 I fell in love with this card by Lin. 


 You can check out Lin"s blog here



So I did what comes naturally and cased hers.

It was fun to use The Stitched Die-Namics from My Favorite Things.

'till next time, 



  1. You've made two beautiful cards Doni. Beautiful colors and flowers.
    Greetings Miranda

  2. So good to see you creating & posting again! These are both JUST BEAUTIFUL!! There's nothing wrong with casing someone's work that has inspired you ... and how good of you to give them credit by showcasing their design. Let's DO LUNCH ... just name the time & date and I'll be there!!

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  4. Hi Doni, your card just now popped up on my Instagram. I love your take! Thanks so much for the mention.

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