Sunday, February 6, 2022

mini books

 I've been missing in action for a long time....I seem to have become "lost" in the world of mini books...or small albums if you prefer.

This is the one I just finished.  I've been taking classes on line from a wonderful crafter in London England. Her name is Call Summers. She shows you how to do the basic construction and if you want to do it just like her book you can or you can use your own papers and decorations. I chose spring time papers... her book was Christmas! 

                                                   Inside the covers there are four main pages:


                                       These two pages are constructed like mirror images.

                        The squares are glued to one flap and attached with magnets to the other flap     


                                           Each page has many parts that flip flap and fold!

                I've not decided what pictures to put on the eight kizillion pages in this mini book.

                                           for right now, I'm just enjoying the pretty pages!! lol

                         Time to take a little break from mini books, so you'll be seeing  more of me. 

                                                                       till next time,


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